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Our History

Sky Roofing is a regional contractor that offers our customers quality work at a reasonable rate. We provide free estimates for both residential and commercial roofing projects, repairs and roof maintenance programs.

Sky Roofing is a family owned business established 2001 in Boardman, OH.  With a commitment to providing our customers quality at a reasonable rate we have successfully grown the company for 15 consecutive years.  Sky Roofing provides expertise in Commercial, Residential and Industrial Roofing.

What We Do

Our Commercial division specializes in the installation and restoration of EPDM, TPO, PVC, BUR and Modified Bitumen roofing systems on low and flat roofs. We also install metal roof systems for steep slope applications.

We are experts in the installation of shingles, gutters, downspouts and siding for Residential. Our repair division provides timely response to roof leaks as well as preventative maintenance programs for existing roof systems.

Why Choose Sky Roofing?

Customer Service

We understand the customer expects us to do what we say we will at a reasonable cost. With our attention to quality work and a sense of urgency to our clients’ needs we make a commitment to provide them the best service to protect their assets.

Quality Control

Sky Roofing employees are continuously trained on the best industry practices which include hands on training from the manufactures whose systems we are certified to install.


Our commitment to protecting our employees and our clients have provided us with an excellent safety record with one of the lowest Experience Modification Rate (EMR) in the industry.

Meet The Team


Here are some of our frequently asked questions. We do our best to make sure our clients are well informed. If your question hasn’t been answered please contact us by clicking the button below and submitting your information.

How much does a new roof cost?

How much does a new roof cost?

The price varies for both residential and commercial.  

  • New shingles can range from $2.50/sqft to $4.50/sqft depending on variables such as the slope of the roof, the amount of flashing, the height and the number of penetrations.  
  • Installing a new low slope or flat roof can range from $3.75/sqft to $25.00/sqft depending on the type of system, the preferred length of warranty and the ease or complexity of the roof construction.

How much does a roof repair cost?

  • Low slope roof repairs can range from $250 to several thousand dollars.  
  • Shingle repairs typically are between $150 to a few thousand dollars.  

We are very conscious of our client’s budget and will provide the best service to meet your needs at the least expense.

What is the best roof system?

Each system (Single Ply, BUR, Mod Bit & Metal) has its advantages.  Looking at factors such as building use, building design and historical climate data we can provide the best option to fit your current and long term needs.

What can I do to prevent leaks?

The best way to prevent leaks is to take a proactive approach of maintaining your existing roof.  We offer various maintenance programs to help you achieve this.

Should I replace my roof?

This would best be answered once an evaluation is performed on your existing roof.  We provide free residential and commercial roof evaluations to help you determine if a replacement, restoration or simple repairs are needed.

Do you service my area?

Sky Roofing is a regional contractor that services customers throughout Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky & Southeastern Indiana.  We are flexible and will travel to accommodate our clients should there be a need in the eastern half of the United States.

Questions? Click the button to send us an email and one of our representatives will be with you right shortly.


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